Anti-Money, Does It Matter?

Anti-Money, Does It Matter?

Few days back and during the last week of November 2010 I went through, by coincidence, and interesting article about the new scientific development in the journey of understanding antimatter theory in reality.

The theory of antimatter was assumed for existence by the British physicist Paul Dirac in 1930. After two years, Carl Anderson came-out with the positron (the anti-electron). By the 1950s, physicists were able to come up with anti-protons.

Briefly speaking, scientists and researchers at CERN’s lab in Switzerland, Geneva, and as part of ALPHA experiment, were able to produce and trap a sizable amount of anti-hydrogen for a fraction of a second.

The theory says that when a particle – matter – collides with its anti-particle – antimatter – pair, the resulting annihilation turns their masses – of the particle and anti-particle – into enormous amount of energy.

This theory and the achievement to produce and trap such anti-particles reminded me with our financial scientists and financial engineers, who spent their years in engineering and creating financial derivatives and complex financial instruments called, as per my definitions, the “anti-moneys.”

To support their innovation and scientific developments in the financial world, they asked for peoples’ precious assets, and sold them, in return for such assets, their own fascinating dreams.

Like the business of selling stars to ordinary individuals supported with the so-called “certificates”. Did anybody examine the authenticity of such certificates, or the practicality of obtaining the benefits out of such transactions?

Those financial scientists kept on producing more and more anti-moneys until the terrifying reality came in late 2007 when they – anti-moneys – went out of control, and those scientists lost their ability to trap the created anti-moneys.

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As a result for such breakdown, the whole world started to experience new phenomena of wealth destruction, and capital meltdown accompanied with enormous global financial crisis, and worldwide financial panic, when anti-moneys happened to meet and collide with moneys in the financial world.

In fact I was laughing on the thought and asked my self “will the world go through similar situation, and experience global destruction if our scientists lose their control over the process of producing anti-matters?” interesting to to know!!!!!