Best Business Finance Software to Purchase for Your Small Business: Peachtree and Quickbooks

Best Business Finance Software to Purchase for Your Small Business: Peachtree and Quickbooks

Peachtree Complete Accounting and QuickBooks Pro – Two of the Best Accounting Programs for Your Small Business

Are you in the market for purchasing software for handling and managing the financials of your small company? If so, read the review below of two of the most popular programs available in the market today!

Peachtree Complete Accounting – is business finance software offered by SAGE. This finance software tops the list when it comes to consumers’ choice of the best accounting software for small business. It is business accounting software known to many as the all-in-one accounting solution. Besides being a repository of all of your accounting transactions, there is other functionality that includes audit trail reports, invoicing by e-mail, modules for job costing, fixed asset management, and can be integrated with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

You can expect to pay on average about $199 for this business accounting software. However, it’s worth it for the peace of mind and money you’ll save from having an accountant do it for you! There are also other versions of accounting software programs made by Sage. Your business needs should determine the right accounting package for you. So make sure that you choose software that provides the features that are required by your organization.

QuickBooks Pro – developed by Intuit, Inc. is another one of the most popular accounting solutions for small business enterprise. Although great for your general ledger activity, you can also expect the capability of tracking sales, creating invoices, bill paying, customer and expense tracking, organization of finances, check printing, create purchase orders, inventory tracking, and much more! What’s more is there is also a trial version that you can download (QuickBooks Simple Start). As with Sage’s software programs, there are a variety of QuickBooks accounting software versions. They are industry specific and provide more add-on services. Don’t worry if you are a Mac-user there is also a version that’s compatible for your computer environment and to fit your needs.

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A few features that most entrepreneurs look for in a finance program are: The ability to track revenue and create customer invoices. The ability to manage accounts payables, vendor information, write and print checks. The ability to create financial reports for financial analysis purposes. You can’t go wrong with purchasing one of the best. However, make sure to research a few more before making a final decision.