The Secret to Earning More – Do As You Say You Will

The Secret to Earning More – Do As You Say You Will

We live in a world where the best of intentions do not necessarily come true. This is a shame considering that the human mind and body are capable of achieving great things, even greater things than imagined or planned. And yet, more often than not, most of us settle for the substandard, the safe, and the small in our moneymaking efforts.

Don’t Settle for Less than Your Intentions

Fortunately, you can avoid the trap of the mediocre. After all, it is in your power to do so! Think of the things you can do when you set your mind to them. Think of the money you can earn when you set your goals to it. Think of the comfortable life you can live when you set your efforts on it.

With that said, when you have declared your intentions of earning a certain amount of money within a certain period, do all that you must do to achieve your goals. Never settle for less than your intentions because then you will make a new enemy- a new hurdle, a new stumbling block in your quest to earn more money, live a more comfortable life, and have greater peace of mind, money-wise. Ironically, that new enemy is none other than your own self.

Don’t Become Your Own Worst Enemy

This brings us to the all-important mantra in becoming a top money earner: Don’t become your own worst enemy. You must adopt a can-do, can-have attitude because it will motivate you into achieving your goals despite the odds. As cliché as it sounds, only those who dare face the challenges along the way with the full intention of winning over them win, and win good.

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Even if you have been raised and conditioned to think that women cannot, do not, and must not become a top earner, you can overcome your fears of what others will say. There will always be some naysayers whether you become a career woman or a housewife, so why let them bother you?

Instead, become your own best friend. Follow your own path because that’s where your happiness lies. After all, it is your life and it is your money, not to mention that it is the 21st century when women are allowed to become as powerful as their male counterparts. Now, it’s all up to you to exercise that right!

Do As You Say You Will

Now that the don’ts of becoming a top earner have been discussed, it’s time to move on to the all-important do. When you have declared your intentions of earning top money, be sure that you will do exactly as you say you will, maybe even achieve more than your goals. Keep in mind that it’s not only your word that’s at stake – it’s also your financial peace of mind. Of course, doing as you say you will ties up perfectly with not settling for anything less than your goals and not becoming your own worst enemy.

Without a doubt, top earners are separated from underearners by two symbols – an apostrophe and the letter t. Top earners say “I can” and they do, while underearners say “I can’t” and they won’t. It’s your choice – you can or you can’t. Think about it.

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