Van Insurance Policies – The Main Types Available

Van Insurance Policies – The Main Types Available

A specialized van insurance policy is vital for anyone that owns a van (or vans) for money-making reasons. Commercial van owners are legally required to take out insurance. However, even without legal ramifications, driving without insurance can be financially detrimental, as accidents, thefts, collisions, and other possible events are not exactly rare. There are a variety of different options, which are outlined below.

Transit Van Insurance – If you use your van to get from one place to another for reasons other than business, you should look into this type of policy. This style of insurance will cover your van for non business use. So if you have to take items from one location and drop them off at another place, you are covered. If you search for this type of insurance on the Internet, it is likely you will find some excellent discounts. In most cases you could receive a 10% to 20% discount when purchasing insurance online. A great choice when every dollar counts and you need good coverage.

Short Term Van Insurance – Do you require insurance only over short intervals? Short term van insurance can save your company money, since you only keep the van insured when you are using it. This type of policy is ideal for those who only use their vans occasionally. If you just drive a van for your business every so often, maintaining coverage at all times may not be desirable. Short term insurance could be a way to maintain adequate coverage while saving your company money.

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Courier Van Insurance – This type of insurance is perfect if you transport and convey goods to other individuals or businesses. Not only will your van be covered in the untimely event of an accident or theft, but the goods inside will be covered from loss as well. Losing the value of the contents inside the van could sometimes be more detrimental than the loss of the vehicle itself. In order to make sure your courier business is protected from the ultimate loss, be sure to purchase this type of insurance.

Fleet Van Insurance – Do you own an extensive line of vans for your business? If so, fleet van insurance would be a cost effective option for insurance coverage. In fact, purchasing individual policies for each van can quickly break the bank. By purchasing a policy that will cover the entire fleet of vans, a business can spread out their risk, which decreases the cost of insurance. There are numerous insurance companies that provide fleet coverage and are willing to provide huge discounts as long as multiple vans comprise the package.